Acoustic Design


The acoustic properties of any room are the greatest single factor affecting the quality of the sound heard by the listening audience.

The proper acoustic design of a space has a great impact on how a performance will be received. It’s been proven that poor acoustics can actually affect the audience’s reaction to the presentation. What does this mean? It means that poor acoustics can lead to the audience missing the entire point of what is being said. Even more than that, the audience may become negative towards what’s be presented because they’re already frustrated, becoming tired (hearing fatigue), and unfocused as their minds wander. These facts apply to church services, business presentations, theatrical performances and concerts.

In order to properly design a room one must take into account the performances in the space, the audience’s vantage point and the location of a sound reinforcement system, if desired or required. It is always more effective to properly design a space for acoustics at the construction phase rather than later in the project.

Horizon Solutions provides clients with proven acoustic design consulting for projects at both the construction as well as the post construction or renovation phases. Through consultation with clients we are able achieve stunning results. Using products like acoustic panels, acoustic cinderblock, drapery and properly designed staging platforms a room can be transformed from a hollow cavern to a reasonable performance space.

If you would like to have one of our systems designers assist you with improving the acoustics of your existing space or of your “to be constructed” space, please email us or call 1-800-698-8796.

What is RT60?

RT60 is the time required for reflections of a direct sound to decay by 60 dB below the level of the direct sound. Reverberation time is variously defined for wide band signals or for a one-third octave band centered at 500 or 1,000 Hz.