Audio System Design


Real solutions to your audio needs don’t just happen, they are designed. When designing a sound system, it is most important to keep the end users in mind. We do not use ‘cookie-cutter’ designs. On the contrary we design systems to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of the end user for a high quality system, a solution that will represent good, long term value for their investment.

The most important piece of equipment in a sound system is the loudspeaker system. Without the right loudspeaker the system will fail to meet expectations. In order to ensure the correct choice for the application, our design work is based on a combination of experience and intuition, backed up with 3D computer modeling in E.A.S.E. (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers). This approach provides room in the design for scientific proof, while allowing for the art of good sound design as learned from years of experience.

EASE allows us to take into account these predictable scientific measurements before the building even exists:

  • The sensitivity, applied power, directivity, and number of sound sources
  • Interference effects of multiple loudspeakers
  • Frequency dependent absorptive characteristics of surfaces
  • Impact of shadowing surfaces

Of course a complete system is more than just loudspeakers. Horizon Solutions staff work hard to keep abreast of the latest technologies that go into these systems. Analog and digital audio mixers, digital signal processing, microphone selection, amplification choice and power condition / surge protection are just some of the areas we take into account when designing a complete system.

Every Horizon Solutions audio system design aims to achieve the same goals: even, consistent coverage, high level of speech intelligibility, natural tonal quality, freedom from feedback, and an equivalent acoustic space of approximately 8 feet. When the sound system meets these general goals, it will be perceived as a success by virtually all in the audience as well as the operators.

Horizon Solutions provides clients with a properly designed and scientifically proven sound system that will meet or exceed expectations. If you would like one of our systems designers to assist you in designing a full sound system or to aid in upgrading your existing system, please email us or call 1-800-698-8796.