Our History



Dave Wettlaufer began doing business as Horizon Audio Services Limited in the early 1980’s. An electrician by trade Dave began by providing live audio recording services to churches and Christian ministries across Ontario. Given the quality of Horizon Audio’s work, the trustworthy service and Dave’s personal aptitude and understanding of audio principals, it wasn’t long before the company was asked for recommendations on loudspeaker selection and placement in churches. Thus began one of the longest running professional audio installation businesses catering specifically to the Canadian church market.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Horizon added to its staff, professionals with similar goals to provide churches and ministries with professional technical support. The business grew, technologies evolved, church’s worship services changed, as did their technical requirements. Horizon Audio Services began to provide clients with more and more sophisticated audio systems as well as video systems based on the use of video projection technology.

Advancing With The Times

The early 2000’s continued to see further advances in technology. In order to meet and exceed the needs of the clients, Horizon staff became more and more determined to become experts in the science of audio system design. Horizon Audio Services became one of the early adopters of the use of computer aided audio system design. A revolutionary concept at the time, Horizon continues to use computer software like EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) to assist in design of our clients’ systems providing predictable audio results.

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Applica Solutions

In 2004 Applica Solutions was created by Carl Lukings to support professional and community theatres, elementary schools and high schools, and church clients in South Western Ontario. Applica quickly developed relationships with clients in these markets by providing them with sound advice and products filling their theatrical and concert lighting, audio and video needs.

Resource Stage Seminars Begin

In January of 2005 the first Resource Stage seminar was held in London, Ontario. These monthly seminars quickly became the lifeline connection between this new small business and the market. Clients from all over South Western Ontario traveled to hear from professional technicians and manufacturer representatives. Resource Stage educated customers and helped to build relationships from which the business expanded.

A Merger Over Tea

Dave Wettlaufer and Carl Lukings got to know each other over time and over tea at the local Tim Hortons. Discussing business, politics, church, theatre and of course audio the two entrepreneurs both laughed when it came up on occasion that they were supposed to be in competition. The fact was that Applica Solutions was providing clients with some solutions and Horizon Audio was providing them with other solutions. But neither one was providing the complete solution. It wasn’t long before discussions came up of a merger to better service the market. In February 2007 Horizon Solutions was born. A merger of Horizon Audio Services and Applica Solutions.

Horizon Solutions

The merger of the two businesses gave Horizon a complete solution for clients. A one stop provider for client’s professional audio, theatrical and concert lighting and video system needs. In the first year Horizon Solutions exceeded all expectations, building a foundation for a stronger business than either Dave or Carl had dreamed of seeing. Horizon Solutions is poised for continued growth into the future. Just as the business began well over 25 years ago, Horizon continues to strive for excellence in the solutions we provide our clients.

We would like to discuss with you how Horizon Solutions can provide you a solution which will meet your needs today and into the future. If you think you would like that, please email us or call 1-800-698-8796.