London Home Builders Association - Banquets

London, Ontario

Lighting, Video and Audio for LHBA Awards and Presidents Banquets

For over a decade Horizon Solutions has worked with the London Home Builders Association to provide professional Audio, Video and Lighting to their events. Some events feature sophisticated effects and video while others are simplier and streamlined. For every event or banquet Horizon provides professional support to their long term partner.

Horizon Solutions has been proud to work with the team at the LHBA and looks forward to continuing their relationship well into the future.

Selected equipment for this project included:

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 Ellipsoidal Fixture 19, 26, 36, 50 deg

Rental: $10.00 /day
$20.00 /wk

QSC Audio

K10 Powered Loudspeaker

Rental: $30.00 /day
$60.00 /wk

Draper Inc

Ultimate Folding Portable Projection Screen

Rental: $95.00 /day
$190.00 /wk


PLC-XM150 Portable Projector

Rental: $300.00 /day
$600.00 /wk

Christie Digital

LW720 - 7200ANSI Lumen WXGA Projector

Rental: $500.00 /day
$1000.00 /wk