The Mission Church

Frogmore, Ontario

Acoustic Treatment for a country church.

This growing country church has had acoustic problems for a long time.

Wth a relatively low ceiling and a long sanctuary the room design is recipe for bad acoustics. Members of the congregation have complained in the past about not being able to hear properly, the room being echoy and the sound system being too loud.

After taking physical measurements of the room and acoustic recordings of the space Horizon staff analyzed the data with SMAART 7 providing the church leadership with the findings and a proposal to treat the room.

The budget for the project was moderate and some of the congregation were not convinced the treatment would have the effect worthy of the expense.

In the end the leadership approved the proposal, a cost effective panel was chosen from Primacoustics and the treatment was installed by Horizon staff in January 2015.

The first Sunday the leadership, worship team, sound team and entire congregation noticed the difference. The pastor can now be heard properly. The instruments can now be controlled and the sound team can concentrate on their job without worrying about the reverberation of the room.

** This project will be followed up with training and potential audio system improvements when the church is ready. **

Selected equipment for this project included: