Living Hope Christian Reformed Church

Sarnia, Ontario

A new sanctuary and a new audio / video / lighting system.

When the building team from Living Hope Christian Reformed Church came to Horizon Solutions they were looking for a complete audio, video and stage lighting system that would meet their congregations needs into the future.

The church was tearing down their sanctuary of many years and building a brand new worship and office space on the property. The leadership was looking to pave the way to the future of the church with a new building and technology to match. Horizon Solutions, working with the audio video team from the congregation, was able to put together a systems design which included a professional audio system, stage lighting and a video projection system. The design included the infrastructure for online video streaming, additional lighting and an inductive loop system in the future.

Selected equipment for this project included:

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 Ellipsoidal Fixture 19, 26, 36, 50 deg

Rental: $10.00 /day
$20.00 /wk

Fulcrum Acoustic


Symnet Audio