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QSC Audio

HPR 122i Powered Loudspeaker

Rental: $35.00 / day ($140.00 / week)

Sometimes speaker manufactures really get it right. A great sounding speaker, in a great looking cabinet at a reasonable price point. The only thing anyone ever complains about with the QSC HPR122i is the weight. But a little extra weight never hurt anyone... and they sound great. A good solution for stage monitors or small main speakers. ___________________________________________________________Whether your application is vocal reinforcement, dance music, or full tilt rock and roll and whether your need is main PA, or stage monitor, suspended or pole mounted, the HPR122i is your solution. With 131 dB of maximum output the HPR122i outperforms molded plastic box systems without significant additional weight or cost.A 12" low-frequency woofer with 3" voice coil is powered by 400 watts of class H power. A neodymium magnet design provides ample motor strength for low end performance without adding unnecessary weight. The 1.4" diaphragm neodymium compression driver is powered by a 100 watt, class AB+B amplifier and is loaded on a 75º conical horn. It’s the same high-frequency driver you’ll find on the HPR153F 3-way loudspeaker system. * Ideally suited for use as main PA or monitor * High continuous power: 500 watts total amplifier power * 75º conical horn provides predictable coverage regardless of cabinet orientation * Nine (9) M10 suspension points allow for multiple suspended applicationsTech SpecsTransducers Low Frequency - 12" neodymium transducer with 3" voice coil High Frequency - 1.4" diaphragm compression driver Frequency Response (-10dB): 53 Hz - 22 kHz Nominal Coverage(-6dB): 75° conical Maximum SPL (1 meter): 131 dB peak