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SGM Lighting

Giotto Spot 400 CMY Intelligent Lighting Fixture

Rental: $100.00 / day ($400.00 / week)

The latest evolution in the Giotto 400 line of fixtures. The advanced series of effects and features puts it at the top of the class of moving head fixtures fitted with a 400W lamp. Compared with traditional features, Giotto Spot 400 CYM has Cyan Magenta and Yellow colour mixing, to ensure an unlimited number of colours and different shades, Linear CTO, 2 wheels with rotating interchangeable gobos (each with 8 slots interchangeable gobos (each with 8 slots plus white) a 6-colour plus white colour wheel and an easily changed Animation Wheel to create any kind of animated effects. Silent operation, quality and luminous output also remain as customary strong points for the Giotto Spot 400 CYM. Giotto Spot 400 CMY is available in black, white and silver.