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High End Systems

Color Pro Intelligent Lighting Fixture

Features: Two user types (A and B) per fixture, each with an on-board 16 scene memory for a total of 32 scene memory per fixture in stand-alone mode. •High-resolution DMX 512 control. •Easy-to-program seven-segment LED (light emitting diode) display. •High efficiency reflector and optical train providing over 7,000 total lumens. •CMY subtractive color mixing including a separate black light filter. •Effects wheel with frost and rotatable, variable horizontal and vertical beam shaping (HX only) •Remote iris that provides full control over beam size (HXi only) •Patented Twinkle wheel that allows individual fiber optic cable color twinkle (FX only) •Dual light output setting (FX only) •Manual zoom and focus for additional beam angle flexibility (HX and HXi only). •Precision stepper motors used to control shutter, dim flags, color wheels, and the effect wheel (HX only), iris (HXi only), or twinkle wheel (FX only). •Variable-speed strobe. •Full dimming and fade-to-black.