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525MVB Video Camera Tripod

Rental: $35.00 / day ($140.00 / week)

The 525MVB is a two stage, lightweight, high tensile aluminum tripod that is extremely rigid and stable. It has a die-cast aluminum crown with a built-in 75mm interface bowl, adjustable leg clamp levers for reliability and safety in the field and a floor-level spreader which aids tripod leg angle setting adjustment. Lowest leg section has twin spiked metal feet. - The built-in, carefully hand-set bubble spirit level helps make sure your horizons really are horizontal - Level of counterbalance given by either of the two springs supplied is adjustable, giving even greater control over the head's perfomance with different weights of camera - Adjustable drag for fine control over head movements - Pan bar "rosettes" (toothed discs which fit between the head and the pan bar) are replaceable - if repeated use wears away the teeth and reduces the grip between the pan bar and head, simply substitute the rosette