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CEI Inc (Tele-Q)

Tele-Q Stage Telephone Ringer

There are a few ways to achieve a great telephone audio effect for stage productions and plays. Often prerecorded telephone sound effects do not work as planned. The Tele-Q stage phone ringer allows the user to ring any telephone. It can't be easier, plug in the phone and press the button. When the telephone it picked up the ringer stops. Now that's a great solution. ___________________________________________________________ Tele-Q is an electronic system designed to operate prop telephones for stage and screen. The system is hard-wired: telephones are connected directly to Tele-Q using standard modular connectors. Tele-Q will operate any single-line telephone that works on a standard phone lineā€”and some that don't. It will operate telephones through thousands of feet of wire, so the system can be set up to control phones from practically anywhere. Tele-Q operates on two 9-volt batteries or optional AC Adapter.