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Fulcrum Acoustic

P Coaxial Loudspeaker

It's so small you will never believe the shear amount of output out of this little speaker. The Fulcrum Acoustic P is just one of the many great loudspeaker solutions offered from this revolutionary speaker manufacturers. ___________________________________________________________ The Prophile™ P is an ultra-compact, high efficiency coaxial loudspeaker that packs the output of a traditional 8 inch, horn-loaded HF loudspeaker into a much more compact enclosure. Its horizontal orientation, small vertical dimension, and trapezoidal shape allow it to be positioned extremely close to ceilings and under balconies. The P’s low profile also makes it very useful as a front fill system when placed on the edge of or installed into a stage apron. The P requires digital signal processing, and many platforms are supported. Fulcrum Acoustic’s Temporal Equalization™ (TQ™) processing gives the P exceptional clarity and studio-monitor-like transient response even while it delivers high sound pressure levels. The P is an excellent option any time extremely limited space is available. Its high efficiency results in impressive levels, and its 100° x 100° coverage and coaxial design make it especially effective in close quarters. Low frequency extension to below 100 Hz enables it to integrate well with subwoofers and at 16 ohms, the P is an ideal choice for low impedance distributed systems where a high loudspeaker-to-amplifier ratio is desirable. Power Handling 250W @ 16ohms Operating Range 90Hz to 20,000Hz Equalized Maximum Continuous SPL 119db Recommended Power Amplifier 250W to 500W @ 16ohms