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Fulcrum Acoustic

S Dual Coaxial Loudspeaker

It's really quite simple. You want a lot of output in a little box. The Fulcrum Acoustic S is the speaker. Once again a great solution from Fulcrum. ___________________________________________________________ The Prophile™ S coaxial loudspeaker provides the output capability of a dual 8 inch loudspeaker in an enclosure size typically associated with a single 8 inch, 2-way system. The S’s coaxial driver gives it the ability to provide a stable, high fidelity image at close range, and its dedicated low frequency transducer provides additional mid bass impact. The enclosure’s 25° rear chamfers allow it to be mounted close to walls; alternatively the enclosure may be rotated for mounting close to ceilings and under balconies. When rotated, the S’s low profile also makes it very useful as a front fill system when placed on the edge of or installed into a stage apron. The S requires digital signal processing, and many platforms are supported. Fulcrum Acoustic’s Temporal Equalization™ (TQ™) processing gives the S exceptional clarity and studio-monitor-like transient response even while it delivers high sound pressure levels. The S is an excellent option any time limited space is available. Its high efficiency results in impressive levels, and its 100° x 100° coverage and coaxial design make it especially effective in close quarters. Low frequency extension to below 80 Hz allows the S to provide impressive impact and enables it to integrate well with subwoofers. This makes it an ideal choice for small live reinforcement or dance club systems, high intensity DJ monitors, A/V screening rooms, high output fill systems, and more. Power Handling 500W @ 8ohms Operating Range 74Hz to 20,000Hz Equalized Maximum Continuous SPL 124db Recommended Power Amplifier 500W to 1000W @ 8ohms