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Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 PARNel

Source Four PARNel Award-winning innovation in flood lighting. With the PARNel, ETC introduced a new category of fixture to the entertainment-lighting world. Featuring a patented wave-lens design and easy focusing knob, the PARNel lets you quickly access a range of 25º-45º – a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood as needed. With the PARNel, ETC went beyond mere imitation and created a genre-bender with fresnel-like functionality and the awesome performance of a Source Four PAR. Awarded the ESTA's Dealer's Choice Award for Equipment, the PARNel has taken its place on professional lighting rigs worldwide. Product Features * Enhanced Aluminum Reflector * Rated up to 750W * Super-efficient HPL lamp * 25º- 45º variable field focus * Easy spot to flood adjustment knob * Die-cast faceted reflector * Die-cast aluminum construction