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Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 HID Ellipsoidal Fixture

Source Four lighting power for architecture! If your architectural space needs the lighting punch and long throws of a theatrical spotlight, or the even, clean wash of a PAR-style fixture, the solution is ETC’s Source Four HID. With the potent light of a Source Four HID you can draw attention to your interior design and architectural details, call out specific objects and dramatize display spaces, or project interest-grabbing patterns, logos and signage. Source Four HID's long-life 12,000-hour lamp means low maintenance and less lamp change-out, and that's perfect for positions that can't be reached often or easily – like tall museum ceilings or vaulted church areas. Source Four HID gives you the level of performance of a 2,000-hour Source Four fixture but with 10,000 additional hours. The metal-halide fixture features all of the Source Four's famous cool beam, imaging, pattern projection, and bright, even field. Source Four HID uses an electronic ballast with a power factor of greater than 95% compared to some competitors’ ballasts at less than 70%. And HID's ballast has an efficiency of greater than 90%. With its 1.5 amps operating current, you can safely place more Source Four HIDs on a 20A circuit than you can other manufacturers' units that operate at 2.3 amps. Plus, Source Four HIDs are UL Listed for damp locations. Source Four HID variety: from spotlight to zoom to wash -- there is a Source Four HID for every architectural environment. The standard Source Four HID now adds 14º, 70º and 90º field angles to its range for even more throw-distance options! Use the Source Four HID jr when space is tight. The Source Four HID Zoom allows you to change field angles for multipurpose venues. The Source Four HID PAR gives you brilliant wash lighting, and the Source Four HID PARNel gives you multiple effects – dramatic pools of light or room-filling washes. The Source Four HID PAR and HID PARNel offer four field spreads and a 25º- 45º zoom range. Source Four HIDs are non-dimmable fixtures.