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Vortex 360 Dual Rotator

The unit houses two gear drives, both made of stainless steel, to assure long term operation. A single silent motor drives both gear assemblies. Even at full speed, the VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator is so quiet it can be used anywhere in a theatre or venue.The VORTEX 360 Dual Rotator will fit the iris slot of the ETC Source Four, the Altman Shakespeare, Strand SL and the Selecon Pacific. It will accept standard B size (86 mm) steel or glass gobos.The rotational speed of the VORTEX 360 can be adjusted by the simple potentiometer knob or by plugging the 12v transformer into an electronic dimmer capable of handling inductive loads. Please check with the dimmer manufacture before using the VORTEX in this fashion.The Vortex 360 includes a three-way toggle switch allowing you to turn the unit off and on and to control the direction of rotation. The front and rear gears rotate opposite each other - but the switch allows the user to determine whether the front or rear will operate clockwise.