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Symnet Audio

Express 8x8 Cobra DSP

SymNet Express is a family of 19" rack-mountable digital signal processors (DSP) that are setup and controlled by SymNet Designer software. ARC Wall panels easily integrate with Express hardware and provide simple user control of the system. Contains eight analog inputs, and 8 analog outputs. Express units also employ the industry-standard CobraNet® technology to share audio between units supporting 16 inputs and 16 outputs of CobraNet audio over Ethernet in addition to the analog I/O. Express units are intended for single unit installations as well as installations with meager expansion requirements. Once the system is initially configured, Express units can be addressed and controlled over Ethernet. Any of the ARC Wall Panels can be connected via CAT5 cable to an RJ-45 jack on the rear panel. One channel of analog audio can be routed to or from the wall panel over the CAT5 cable for simple paging or monitoring needs. Express also includes an RS-485 port for extending the ARC and external control capacity.