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LightFactory V2 256Ch Lighting Control Software

After eight years of support and service we regret to inform our clients that we are no longer able to sell or support the LightFactory line of products. Due to world wide distribution chain changes LightFactory is no longer available to Horizon Solutions.

We recommend that all users with technical or support questions related to LightFactory contact Martin Searanke at

Looking for an alternative to LightFactory? Please contact us at, we would be happy to show you some options.

Lightfactory is a unique PC based lighting control system. Offering a no compromise approach of traditional dimmer control and fully featured moving light support. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer could own their own control desk. One desk they are completely familiar with, one desk that works for every situation and one desk they can rely on every time. Most PC based control systems focus on moving light support but lack the many features that make traditional lighting desks standout. Lightfactory closes that gap. Features: - 256 DMX Channels - 10 Cue Lists - 500 Cues per cue list - 100 Shortcuts