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Symetrix Audio

ARC-2i Adaptive Remote Control

Product Features The ARC-2i Adaptive Remote Control Wall Panel taps into the full power of the Symetrix DSP system with twenty-four menus with up to sixteen enumerations each, that address multiple functions or initiate complex logic-based control events. Functions include: Gain, preset triggering, source selection, room combining, and volume control. Intuitive Navigation: Pressing the menu button navigates through the menu names. The menu button is also acts as a preset trigger when a preset list is scrolled. The up/down arrow buttons adjust parameter settings and scroll through preset lists. Holding the menu button and using the up/down arrow keys moves forward or backward through the menus. Programmable Setup: Menu brightness in "active" and "inactive" states are set independently, so the display will "sleep" in light-sensitive environments like theaters. If the ARC-2i goes idle, it can scroll a message and return to the top of its menu tree. Upper and lower parameter limits help contain the range of adjustment and a button press lockout will prevent tampering. The menu-driven ARC-2i Adaptive Remote Control Wall Panel is used with Symetrix and SymNet products and controls up to 24 parameters in a system