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V-40HD Multi Format Video Switcher /w HDMI Output

Rental: $95.00 / day ($380.00 / week)

The Roland V40HD is a compact video switcher packed with lots of power and control.

Perfectly suited for those clients who want to achieve smooth professional level video switching and video mixing at an affordable price.

The Roland V-40HD features HD and SD inputs on both Analog and Digital formats.

  • Four inputs can be a combination of any of the following formats; VGA, Component, Composite and HDMI.
  • The outputs can be HDMI, RGB (VGA) component or Composite video).
  • Preview your four inputs on one monitor! The Preview Monitor Output provides a four way split multiview preview output to a standard 1080p monitor providing savings on expensive HD preview monitors, signal splitting and cabling.
  • The V40HD fully supports HDCP copywrite protection. But when you don't need HDCP you can turn this feature off.
  • Picture-in-Picture functions allows you to set four PIP locations and sizes for quick recall on the fly.
  • Down-Stream-Keying (DSK) allows for titling and keying (green screen) applications.

Whether you're looking for a professional mixer for your live performance or for streaming your event online the Roland V-40HD is a great product in a compact package with a compact pricing.