Product Details



Rogue R2 Spot - LED Moving Light

Rental: $75.00 / day ($300.00 / week)

The Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot is one of the brightest LED profile moving light fixtures on the market.

With stunning output compared to most LED fixtures the light provides for excellant gobo projection and arial effects through haze and smoke.

At 240W this is one of the most powerful LED fixtures available.

Key features of this fixture include;

  • Rotating Gobo Wheel
  • Fixed Gobo Wheel
  • Rotating Prisim Effect
  • Two CTO Filters
  • Two Colour Wheels
  • Electronic Dimming
  • Motorized Iris
  • Drop In Frost
  • Electronic Shutter / Strobe Effect
  • Beam Angle of 16.5deg
  • PowerCon input & thru
  • XLR3 & XLR5 Connectors
  • 18 or 21 DMX Channels

NOTE: This fixture draws approximately 310W or 2.6A @ 120V - Yes it is LED but it's a 240W LED!