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Horizon Solutions

Fresnel Lighting Kit

Rental: $108.00 / day ($432.00 / week)

This compact fresnel lighting package is perfect for small theatrical performances.

This package includes;

6 x Strand 6" Theatre Fresnels
2 x Leviton D4 DMX Dimmers
1 x ETC Smart Fade 12/48 Lighting Control Console
2 x Power Cables
2 x Data Cables

This lighting package is great for community theatre, dance performances, church concerts & cantatas and many other events.

** NOTE: This package does not include lighting stands or truss but we can certainly discuss your needs and add those to your package if required. **

Products in this package:

Leviton Entertainment Lighting

D4DMX 4-Ch Dimmer

Rental: $5.00 /day
$10.00 /wk

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Smartfade 12/48

Rental: $30.00 /day
$60.00 /wk