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Educating today’s youth is a tough task. Keeping up with the ever changing technologies of the entertainment industry doesn’t help. Students want to be challenged with technologies that are fresh and exciting. Although it would be nice to have all the flashy toys, there isn’t a school in Canada that has the budget of the average student’s favorite band or the latest Mirvish performance they saw last week. It becomes a decision of making the right choices for the budget allowed. Building solutions which will last and allow the educators teach the principals, fundamentals while challenging the students both artistically and technologically. Horizon Solutions believes in educating students and we will work with your school all along the way with system designs, training and long term solutions that work.

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EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works)

Radius RSX129

Rental: $55.00 /day
$110.00 /wk

Allen & Heath

GLD-80 Digital Audio Console

Rental: $300.00 /day
$600.00 /wk

Allen & Heath

ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixer

Rental: $25.00 /day
$50.00 /wk


OM5 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Rental: $8.00 /day
$16.00 /wk

Kramer Electronics

VP-728 Switcher/Scaler

Rental: $70.00 /day
$140.00 /wk

Kramer Electronics

VP-437XL Switcher/Scaler

Pro Tapes & Specialties

1/2" Spike Tape


Countryman E6/E6i Earhanger Microphone

Rental: $30.00 /day
$60.00 /wk

The LightSource

MAB Mega-Clamp

LeMaitre Special Effects

Extra Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid

LeMaitre Special Effects

Longer Lasting Smoke Fluid

Ultratec Special Effects

Luminous 7 Haze Fluid - 4Ltr

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 Ellipsoidal Fixture 19, 26, 36, 50 deg

Rental: $10.00 /day
$20.00 /wk

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

19, 26 & 70deg EDLT Source Four Barrels

Rental: $15.00 /day
$30.00 /wk

SGM Lighting

Giotto Spot 400 CMY Intelligent Lighting Fixture

Rental: $100.00 /day
$200.00 /wk

Ultratec Special Effects

Pro Launcher Confetti/Streamer Cannon

Rental: $20.00 /day
$40.00 /wk

Showing 31 - 60 of 325

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