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Image projection

Image projection can be a powerful effect for both theatrical and corporate projects. Steel and glass image patterns (gobos) are available with custom images as well as from a catalogue of standard images.

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC)

Source4 Ellipsoidal Fixture 19, 26, 36, 50 deg

Rental: $10.00 /day
$20.00 /wk

Pattern (Gobo) Rotation

Pattern (Gobo) Rotation can draw attention to the image you’re projector or it can be used to create dynamic effects such as running water or fire.

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Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting can provide a wide variety of lighting effects from one fixture. Features of many intelligent lights include colour changing, movement, image (gobo) projection, image rotation and intensity. Some intelligent lighting fixtures are suitable for theatrical applications and some are more suited for party / DJ / concert applications.

SGM Lighting

Giotto Spot 400 CMY Intelligent Lighting Fixture

Rental: $100.00 /day
$200.00 /wk


Rogue R2 Spot - LED Moving Light

Rental: $75.00 /day
$150.00 /wk


Legend 412 LED Wash Fixture

Rental: $35.00 /day
$70.00 /wk

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DJ Lighting

DJ Lighting fixtures are simple to use, easy to setup and can create a party atmosphere in any room in minutes.


Scorpion RVM Red / Violet Laser

Rental: $15.00 /day
$30.00 /wk

American DJ

Vertigo Tri LED DJ Effect Light

Rental: $10.00 /day
$20.00 /wk

American DJ

Mirror Ball - 20"

Rental: $20.00 /day
$40.00 /wk

UV / Black Lights

Black Lights create vibrant lighting effects when used in conjunction with florescent or phosphorescent materials. Horizon Solutions rents blacklights for small and large venue applications.

Elation Professional

UV Wash Ultra Violet Lighting Fixture

Rental: $12.00 /day
$24.00 /wk

American DJ

UV Cannon Blacklight

Rental: $15.00 /day
$30.00 /wk