Complete Comprehensive Solutions

The entertainment technology industry is full with suppliers of audio, lighting and video equipment. There are unfortunately, only a handful of those who can truly claim to provide their customers with a complete solution for their needs. Horizon Solutions is one who can.

We have developed this website to help you begin your search for the right solution to your equipment needs. We have taken a wide variety of the products we feel are real solutions to our clients needs and entered them into a growing database. The opportunity is now for you to pick which stream describes you best… Are you a Church, Theatre, School, Business or Restaurant?

Once you have chosen the solution stream you can now refine your search to look more specifically at audio, video, lighting, special effects, consumable products, used equipment or rental equipment. Then you can further refine your search looking at sub sections of each product line. We hope that this system will assist you to find possible solutions to your needs. No computer database is going to perfectly pinpoint every solution but we hope that armed with this information we can help you make the right decision for your needs.

If you have product in mind, we would be happy to help you determine if this truly is the solution for you. Feel free to email us or call 1-800-698-8796.