Our Staff


Carl Lukings

Over 20 years ago Carl Lukings lit his first show, a small theatrical performance for a then brand new Children’s ministry attempting to be on the cutting edge of technology to minister to children and families. Since that time Carl has had the opportunity to design, program and operate a wide range of shows including various theatrical performances, live concerts, figuring skating, dance and corporate events. As well as an expertise founded in theatrical and intelligent lighting, Carl often plays a key role in audio and video system design.

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David Wettlaufer

David Wettlaufer’s work in audio began almost 35 years ago as he turned a hobby of audio recording and live sound into a full time business traveling and recording live acts across Southern Ontario. Since then David has designed and installed hundreds of audio and video systems in churches of all sizes and denominations. One of the most respected individuals in House of Worship audio installations in Ontario, David continues to work on special projects for Horizon Solutions.

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Don Klassen

Utilizing the latest in computerized virtual modeling and system layout technology Don Klassen is at the core of our audio and video system solutions. His experience and knowledge is extensive and continuing to grow as technology changes and evolves. For over 20 years Don has worked with Horizon in every capacity of the business. His system designs are created with real world experience applied to the virtual modeling. Don will not utilize a component or design philosophy in a system unless he knows it will work exactly as required. Every solution is a proven solution.

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Chris McEwen

A graduate of technical theatre studies, Chris McEwen brings a live theatre background to Horizon's solutions. He leads our system integration team as well as overseeing selected service work. Chris' love of technology fosters new ideas and brings the key to solving many of our lighting and system control projects. Committed to "doing it right the first time" Chris is always looking for the better way to complete the solution.

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Paul Walker

Paul Walker first came to Horizon Solutions to learn more about audio through our Resource Stage seminars. Soon after attending he became a loyal client. Today he works in our office as our rental manger. Paul's desire to ensure that each customer receives the best service possible and everything they need to make the show happen makes him a strong member of our team.

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Dan Nagle

Having started working in technical theatre at a young age, Dan has created over 50 original theatrical sound designs and enjoyed the role of Technical Director for multiple professional live theatre companies, most recently at Theatre Orangeville. With experience in high pressure technical theatre environments, Dan works to provide thorough and flexible solutions. His passion for systems design and intuitive user interfaces keep him searching for more effective ways of integrating systems and interacting with them.

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