System Commissioning


Every audio system is properly tested and tuned before we turn the system over to our clients. Some loudspeakers "sound good out of the box" but every loudspeaker sounds better once it is being sent the right signal with the right processing for the right application. We do that. We ensure that your system is maximized for your room, for your application and for your users.

Lighting systems must be correctly installed and tested to ensure that they meet electrical safety authority and electrical standards as well as the industry standards for lighting control wiring. Horizon Solutions' installation technicians are versed in proper USITT standards as well as proprietary control requirements from manufacturers such as ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls).

Horizon Solutions is proud to be one of the select few Canadian suppliers to employ factory trained technicians qualified to commission and service ETC dimming and control systems.

Although Horizon Solutions' system commissioning is usually completed on our own installations we are on occasion requested to commission systems sold and/or installed by another provider. If you would like assistance with this sort of service, please email us or call 1-800-698-8796.