Design Services


When you purchase one piece of equipment you have, as a result, one piece. When the time comes that you realized that you need a second piece of equipment to work with the first piece then you begin a process. You research, contemplate, weight the options, determine the validity of the purchase and then make the purchase of the second piece, hopefully to work with the first. You have begun to build a system. Sometimes this process takes little more than a fraction of a second from beginning to end and sometimes the process takes years. But no matter the length of time or the project involved it is our human nature to go through this process when we make acquisitions to build a system. We begin the process of designing a system.

Now, being honest most people are not always qualified to design the system they are building but they try. They work through the steps and hope to achieve the desired result. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s part of life. But is that the best way?

Horizon Solutions provides clients with real solutions to their technical needs. We do the research, we take into account the needs of our clients, we weight the vast number of options provided us by our connections to manufacturers and industry specialists, we provide clarity to show validity of the purchase and then we help clients purchase the system that will work for their needs today and into the future. A Horizon solution is not one you “hope” will achieve the desired result. A Horizon Solutions design is one that you know by proven technology and experience, will work. It will be a design that guides you to achieve a real solution to your needs.

Our designs begin with you. If you are looking for a design solution for an Audio System, Acoustic space, Theatrical or Stage Lighting and/or Video Presentation System, please email us or call 1-800-698-8796.